Five Best Places for Your Vending Machine

A vending machine can provide you reasonable income as long as it’s in places with lots of traffic. Which exactly are those “strategic” places for your vending machine hire?

Hotels and Motels

Hotels and motels operate 24/7, which means people go in and out even during the so-called ‘graveyard shift’. You can’t expect most stores to be open at 3AM so a vending machine will greatly help. To add, people who check-in rarely bring food – make the most of this opportunity to provide a machine supplying not only food and drinks, but also toiletries.

Aside from assisting clients, the vending machine will also be valuable to the hotel staff. The hotel staff, especially those who work in the wee hours of the night, will need a place to access food and drinks at all times. It’s not easy to work when you’re hungry, is it?


A hospital is also ideal for a vending machine hire due to the high volume of traffic coming in and out of the area. A vending machine can provide more than just a cup of coffee; it can be a place to gather one’s thoughts and to relax after an emotional day.

The machine is not just for the patients and their families, but also for the doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff who work long hours just to provide care and assistance to everyone who needs them. A long shift will require rest periods; it’s nice to have a vending machine that practically offers a caffeine boost.


Schools have lots of people in it – you have the students, teachers, and other staff – so these places are also ideal for your vending machine hire plans. Products inside a vending machine aren’t too expensive so students can easily afford them. Those who have forgotten their lunch can also buy food from it.

To make the most of the vending machine, its owners should aim to provide delicious yet healthy snacks such as trail mixes and granola bars. It should also be placed in a supervised location so the kids (and even the adults) won’t kick or tilt the machine.

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Villages and Subdivisions

Villages, subdivisions, apartment complexes, and other related areas often have pools and clubhouses where people hang out. These places are ideal for vending machines due to the large number of potential customers.

If you’re setting up a vending machine in these areas, then choose a place with the most traffic to ensure that the sales will be enough to cover fees and maintenance.


An office will always be ideal for a vending machine, regardless of the business it serves. A soda machine will suffice for a small number of employees; since a snack machine is believed to produce less revenue, it will only be added if there are more employees.

Office employees will be thankful for vending machines – they can provide quick bites in between meals and can serve as a food source to those who have forgotten to bring their own food.

A vending machine hire won’t be such a bad move, especially if you have access to one of the mentioned locations. What are you waiting for? Get a vending machine today.

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